Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Austin Peete, Sumher Panjabi, Chae Bin Park

Following a widespread climate crisis, the US went through a period of political and environmental upheaval. In this period, we saw a distinct design trend emerge—“Undoism”. Objects that belong to the Undoism movement tend to make us consider what may need to be reversed in the future and challenge the idea that making progress is a favorable outcome regardless of circumstance.

The most iconic example of the movement are the Anti-Scissors, a pair of steel scissors that were modified to be able to upcycle plastic waste through heat-fusion. While the exact origin isn’t known, they became common amongst members of grassroots movements. The designed objects may not have achieved this by strictly pragmatic means, however, changed consumer beliefs about the lack of influence that they have on the environment.

Functional Exploration

The video illustrates an earlier functional exploration portion of this work.

All info credited to the students listed above.