Conference Papers (Refereed)

S. Leigh. Machine-enacted Modes of Creative Exploration. International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2020)
S. Leigh, A. Jain and P. Maes. Exploring Human-Machine Synergy and Interaction on a Robotic Instrument, NIME 2019 [PDF]


• A. Jain, A. H. Horowitz, F. Schoeller, S. Leigh, P. Maes, and M. Sra. Designing Interactions Beyond Conscious Control: A New Model for Wearable Interfaces. IMWUT 2020.
S. Leigh, A. Roseway, A. Paradiso. Remnance of Form, Interactive Shadows as Altered Views on Objects, Leonardo, 2019 [Link]

Demos and Exhibitions

• J. Wang, O. Hsieh, J. Gale, S. X. Sun, and S. S. Leigh. Latent Sheep Dreaming: Machine for Extrapolated Visual Inception. DIS 2020 Art Gallery.
S. Leigh, A. Abhinandan, and P. Maes. Encountered, Habituated, Estranged and Overridden by Machines. TEI 2020 Art Gallery.

Other Conference Publications

• V. Danry, P. Pataranutaporn, A. H. Horowitz, P. Strohmeier, J. Andres, R. Patibanda, Z. Li, N. Semertzidis, T. Nakamura, J. Nishida, P. Lopes, F. León, A. S. Won, D. Svanæs, F. Mueller, P. Maes, S. Leigh. Do Cyborgs dream of Electric Limbs? Experiential Factors in Human-Computer Integration Design and Evaluation. CHI 2021 Workshop.
• R. Patibanda, S. Nanayakkara, N. Semertzidis, J. Wiemeyer, M. Scary, N. Berthouze, J. La Delfa, K. Kunze, J. Andres, T. Rikakis, M.A. Baytas, A. Kelliher, A.L. Martin-Niedecken, K. Warwick, P. Strohmeier, E. van den Hoven, B. Fruchard, F. Mueller, S. Leigh, S. Mann, E. Mekler. Motor Memory in HCI. CHI 2020 Workshop.