Publication and Exhibition

Conference Papers (Refereed)

• J. Hatley, N. Posner, H. Oh, and S. Leigh. Mixed Dimensions: Exploring Novel Material and Extrusion Tool for 2.5D Shape Painting. TEI 2022.
• S. Junnarkar, X. Yang, M. Drawdy, I. Gupta, WH Yeo, N. Posner, and S. Leigh. Exploiting the Slowness of Electrochromic Displays. International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2021).
S. Leigh, and J. Lee. A Study on Learning Advanced Skills on Co-Playable Robotic Instruments, NIME 2021
S. Leigh. Machine-enacted Modes of Creative Exploration. International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2020)
S. Leigh, A. Jain and P. Maes. Exploring Human-Machine Synergy and Interaction on a Robotic Instrument, NIME 2019 [PDF]


• A. Jain, A. H. Horowitz, F. Schoeller, S. Leigh, P. Maes, and M. Sra. Designing Interactions Beyond Conscious Control: A New Model for Wearable Interfaces. IMWUT 2020.
S. Leigh, A. Roseway, A. Paradiso. Remnance of Form, Interactive Shadows as Altered Views on Objects, Leonardo, 2019 [Link]


• The Music, Art, and Technology Fair, Guthman Musical Instrument Competition — Guitar Machine. Mar 2020
• J. Wang, O. Hsieh, J. Gale, S. X. Sun, and S. S. Leigh. Latent Sheep Dreaming: Machine for Extrapolated Visual Inception. DIS 2020 Art Gallery.
S. Leigh, A. Abhinandan, and P. Maes. Encountered, Habituated, Estranged and Overridden by Machines. TEI 2020 Art Gallery.
• Future of Music Public Forum (Smithsonian Year of Music), Demonstration of Guitar Machine and public discussion, National Museum of American History, Dec 2019

Workshop Organization

S. Leigh, J. Oh, F. Dellaert, S. Hutchinson, P. Schaldenbrand, G. Chen, J-D Florez-Castillo. Robotics x Arts Exhibition: Opportunities and Issues in Robotics Applied in the Arts. Robotics: Science and Systems 2021 Workshop
• V. Danry, P. Pataranutaporn, A. H. Horowitz, P. Strohmeier, J. Andres, R. Patibanda, Z. Li, N. Semertzidis, T. Nakamura, J. Nishida, P. Lopes, F. León, A. S. Won, D. Svanæs, F. Mueller, P. Maes, S. Leigh. Do Cyborgs dream of Electric Limbs? Experiential Factors in Human-Computer Integration Design and Evaluation. CHI 2021 Workshop.
• R. Patibanda, S. Nanayakkara, N. Semertzidis, J. Wiemeyer, M. Scary, N. Berthouze, J. La Delfa, K. Kunze, J. Andres, T. Rikakis, M.A. Baytas, A. Kelliher, A.L. Martin-Niedecken, K. Warwick, P. Strohmeier, E. van den Hoven, B. Fruchard, F. Mueller, S. Leigh, S. Mann, E. Mekler. Motor Memory in HCI. CHI 2020 Workshop.