Machine Poetics Group focuses on practice-based research on technological expressiveness and its utilization in the design of products, systems, and more. We aim at understanding technology as a new design medium, and create instances of machines being a close part of us or the environment. Our research interest includes:

Expressive Machines – designing expressive machine systems and new technological mediums. We prototype systems and interfaces through technological expressiveness, and investigate their interaction with people in the wild.

Poetic Objects – prototyping technological artifacts for a speculative future or now. We aim at measuring and critiquing how the relationship between human and technology may evolve and what values as designers we should pursue.

Synthetic Self – imagine a human-machine interface where a computational system can inspire, assist, nudge, and evolve together with users, while the human users remain in charge. Such a system can also bring increased cognitive, motor, or perceptual ability to the users, where one's existence is extended through the system.

Looking for interaction designers, creative programmers, electrical/mechanical engineers, people from any discipline wanting to apply their domain knowledge to new interactive system ideas.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019