Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Odorless Candle

Youyang (Tiger) Hao, Xuanhao Li, Yuwei Li

COVID-19 has never disappeared. It has evolved throughout time, and after its spread for years, all people lost their sense of smell for good due to the virus. Smell, as a sense, is closely connected to memories. We used to ignite candles to create a scent that reminds us of a place that we are not physically at, such as a pine forest, a snow mountain, a jazz bar, or a fireplace. By introducing our innovative candle to the market, we try to reconnect people with their memories rekindle the experience of using conventional candles. The unique candle device incorporates visual, haptic, and aural means to supplement the role of smell, and thus make it possible for people to imagine themselves in other environments without the help of the sense of smell.

Functional Exploration

The video illustrates an earlier functional exploration portion of this work.

All info credited to the students listed above.