Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mirror 2.0

Jinzhi Ye, Xinyue Ren, Zisheng Tong

With the pervasiveness of digital technology in constructing online identities, we are increasingly disconnected from who we are. Despite the exciting potential in becoming anything we desire in the metaverse, the convenience in “adjusting the self” foster an over-depedence on how others see us.

The technology in Mirror 2.0 is a response to such an aversion to what we are. The technology makes one of the most common objects in every household—a mirror—counter its original functionality. Mirrors are no longer a tool to see, but an object of primarily decorative purposes. Within years, we began to forget what they truly looked like; we no longer see ourselves while the ritual of having mirrors stay with us.

Functional Exploration

The video illustrates an earlier functional exploration portion of this work.

All info credited to the students listed above.