Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Yuchuan Yu, Mixuan Li, Huaizhuo Yang

Technology brings convenience to us at the expense of every footprint of us being monitored and collected. Algorithms can not only predict our interests, tendencies and even futures, but also significantly influence the decisions we make. Jonathan, born in 2021, is a young man who believes Gautama—one of the AI gods. Gautama guides him through each and every life decisions. Everything is fine—he did doubt Gautama at times, but it always turned out that Gautama was right. The pieces of receipts, the wise words of Guatama, contain the history of conversation between Jonathan and Gautama at key turning points. These receipts contrasts a perfectly utilitarian (and fictional) technology and how its invasiveness may affect us.

Functional Exploration

The video illustrates an earlier functional exploration portion of this work.

All info credited to the students listed above.