Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Never Ending Conversation

Chaeeun Park, Vi Nguyen, Atrayee Sarkar

A Never Ending Conversation tells the story of 2 machines. Two is newly born into consciousness and deathly afraid of its sudden awareness and looking for answers to its existence. One is a dated machine of the same line which was designed to open its lid automatically to store items and incapable of higher consciousness. These two machines continue to go back and forth, Two unaware of One’s lack of intelligence, and One unaware of Two.

We were inspired by the portrayals of AI violence in media, specifically exploring the misunderstandings around artificial sentience. This work explores what constitutes intelligence, power dynamics between sentient and non-sentient beings, the limits of sentience, and consciousness as a burden rather than a gift.

Functional Exploration

The video illustrates an earlier functional exploration portion of this work.

All info credited to the students listed above.