Friday, July 2, 2021

Electromechanical Sage Bird

RSS 2021: Robotics x Arts Workshop

Dr. Dylan Cawthorne (

Electromechanical Sage Bird is a kinetic sculpture that aims to subverted the “high-tech-ness” of drones while supporting the values of spirituality and environmental sustainability. The sculpture is constructed using “primitive” materials and techniques, including rough pieces of wood lashed together with hemp fibers, and quail feathers as propellers. The payload, rather than a data-collecting camera or a commercially-operated package delivery service, is spiritual - a bundle of smoldering sage used for spiritual cleansing. A tether connects the drone with the human operator on the ground as an alternative to the anonymous - and likely autonomous - drones currently being developed. The work serves as a critique to contemporary flying robots, and points to alternative ways of envisioning the future of drone technology.

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