Thursday, December 3, 2020

Trusted face

Jiaying Wu, Guanhua Sun (2020)

The trusted face project is based in a future society where trustworthiness is the exchangeable currency. The idea of transparency in our current society is very contradicted - we like transparency as much as we hate it. For example, in our current society, the internet seems to be a place where people can hide behind their avatar and express their feelings, say the things they do not have the gut to say in real life. And we enjoy that opaqueness. However, when people bring up irresponsible arguments or harmful statements, we ask for transparency. But do we really want to know whose thought it belongs to? It might be a close friend, a next-door neighbor, or a respectable figure. Knowing their feelings may affect or even destroy our trust in them, their “image” may be gone and deemed as untrustworthy. And that leads to the issue we are addressing - the value and measurement of trustworthiness.
In daily lives, we asses people on whether if they are lying by looking at their expressions. The redness of the skin, muscle movements, blinking, and other bio responses. The mask uses a GSR sensor, which reads the emotional state of the user. And that reading is true to the user’s sweat gland changes. Which makes their emotional changes trustworthy. And those readings will then be translated into motorized movements to express those emotions. Hence in the imagined society, the more transparent you are about your emotions, the more that you show, you are deemed more trustworthy and more trusted to be placed at a higher position in the society.


Material exploration

The masks are customized to an individual’s face for perfect fitting. Hence we casted the user’s entire head to adjust the fittings. It also helps to calibrate the GSR sensors according to the user. As the readings may vary.

Final Prototype